About TradeGeeko

The Team's Story

  • A retail store? No. An e-commerce retail store? No. Build a platform? No. The inconvenience of the technical process, legal process, marketing database and channels, designing engaging content, gaining traction, managing operations, financing and working with every software is just too frustrating in this ever-changing and competitive world as much as we all love challenges. That also, without knowledge or mentorship? We once thought about what you're thinking now. But the only difference: there was nothing provided to us then.


  • On the other hand, manufacturers are exploited, and policies are regulated in the business industry to make it very difficult for them to access the global market and achieve their mission.


  • Every human is on a mission. So are we.

    Connecting our partners [Reducing the barriers for aspiring entrepreneurs with a disruptive model to achieve missions on a global scale] with the manufacturers [Increasing the opportunity to access the global market, fostering societal and economic development].